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Founder Chairman

Syed Ali Akbar Rizvi - Founder APS

Syed Ali Akbar Rizvi, the founder of Akbar Public School, was the personification of ultimate nobility and affectation. He established this school in 2002 to cater to the educational needs of the children residing in this area. Though he has left us for his eternal adobe in 2009, but his mission will continue under the umbrella of this Institution.

A Review

Akbar Public School was founded by Mr. Syed Ali Akbar Rizvi, a Businessman & Scholar. Having a multi-faceted personality with several achievements to his credit, he is an undisputed pioneer in the carpet Industry of Pakistan. He is the only recipient of the Export Performance Trophy for carpet (20th February 1971).

During his illustrious career, he had visited countless places far and wide. Mr. Rizvi’s career as a writer also bloomed. He had a deep knowledge of Islam, Politics, History and wrote several books. His achievements had allowed him to serve as Chairman £r President for many social 7 welfare organizations. It was his vision that:

“If the people of Pakistan are to change the scenario, they must brace themselves for bringing about a qualitative change, and that purpose can only be achieved by concerted efforts. There is no denying the divine universal truth that every child has the right to get education and not only education but quality education too”.

Mr. Akbar had given the vision, shape the Akbar Public School, a place where good all around education, steeped in real Islamic values and modern conceptual thinking, is made available to children belonging to all segments of the society, including the most deprived.

The school is spread over 2500sq yards, has an impressive two story building with large class rooms, which are airy, well lit and free from any distraction. It has been designed with the most modern teaching concepts to cater to the needs of both the students as well as the faculty. Within the limited space available, the architects have attempted to provide maximum facilities such as:

  • Well furnished classrooms with white boards.
  • Stylishly designed comfortable seats for children.
  • A full size playing area.
  • A large auditorium and multi-purpose hall to cater for 200 children.
  • A computer Lab.
  • Well equipped library.
  • A central administration block with facilities for faculty.
  • Well equipped sick bay for child care.
  • Standby generators.

The recruitment, induction, retention and management of high-quality teachers and school leaders the key factors in the academic and social progress of students in the Akbar Public School. We ensure that APS is a highly desirable place in which educators teach and students learn.


To transform AKBAR PUBLIC SCHOOL into “An International Educational Research Centre”
It means, whatever is being done elsewhere in the world to meet the global developments will be done here in this institution.


We shall be together to transform the Akbar Public School, a nucleus of education by:
• Working together as a team.
• Continually improving our quality assurance.

• Creating the culture of empowerment, self-management & intrinsic motivation.
• Developing innovative traditions & Adapting modern technologies.

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• To provide academic excellence in all areas of endeavor, after which a student will develop a feeling of self-confidence that is essential for a person to be successful.
• To encourage physical training, gymnastics & games.

• To provide for every child an adaptable program of instruction and practice to become a competent citizen.
• To Promote and reinforce each child’s self-esteem & provide support for the concepts of integrity and good character.
• To develop respect for cultural and personal diversity.

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